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NEW BEGINNINGS – Soweto – Jinja, Uganda

Dear friends and partners,

I just returned from Uganda! What an amazing trip we had seeing the faces of Soweto (“So-Weight-O”)!

Pastor Florence

Pastor Florence

We spent the entire month of May reaching out to Soweto and sharing about the importance of clean water, sanitation and hygiene. But first, I’d like to share my story of how I met my dear friend Pastor Florence. I will never forget the first greeting she gave me. The moment she first saw me she ran right into my arms and gave me such a warm welcome! In her excitement, she immediately grabbed my hand and rushed me into the church! There at Evangel Church we all came together to share how God had brought us to Soweto. We all had recognized that in that moment God had been leading all of us towards this day. We shared how each of us had been given a vision and how God authored each one. It was a God defining moment for our ministry!

I had the vision for i GIVE H2OPE 11 years ago, and Pastor Florence had a vision concerning clean water in her community of Soweto 25 years ago. For the first time EVER I saw right in front of me the other person God had been speaking to – Pastor Florence!


Pastor Florence is in her 60’s and is the “mother” of her community. Not only does she have compassion for her neighbors but she also uses wisdom and guidance from God to look after those whom she loves. How amazing it is to see the vision of i GIVE H2OPE becoming a part of the community of Soweto and the growth of our ministry! Since June of 2015, the time we had started helping Soweto, Pastor Florence has been managing the care of the Water Tap and Storage Tank next to the church. She uses every opportunity she gets to pray with neighbors and shares the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It was a special moment listening to how God had brought her to Soweto and the vision she had back in 1989 (when I was only 5 years old). She shared that there would be a day when Americans would come and help this community. She knew that her village would be restored. She had faith in God that clean water would come. It was on this day in 1989, that she was sitting at home looking out her front doorway and she saw a vision of water gushing out from the ground. And today, that is the same place where the water tap comes up. 

i GIVE H2OPE – Current Progress (Soweto – Jinja, Uganda)


Iryn (“I-reen”) receives her WaSH certificate. Now she can share with her family how to keep their home healthy and clean.


Akim (“Ak-eem”) owns a clinic in Soweto and is very proud to help bring hope to his community by giving his upmost care.

Because of years of continued work and partnerships, we have been able to provide the community of Soweto with 364,557 gallons of water since last July, enough for nearly 800 people! In total that is $1,020, (an average of about 10¢/person/month). But this was only the beginning!

After visiting Soweto this past May, we discovered a greater need to not only provide clean water but also education of sanitation and hygiene. During our time in Soweto we partnered with 3 other NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) to make an impact. These organizations include 1 from the U.S., 1 in Uganda, and 1 from Rwanda. They are Water4 (, Young Men Drillers, and Water Access Rwanda respectively. The work we accomplished together was life changing for the people of Soweto.

We conducted training through what we call our WaSH program. This program is designed to actively involve the community to discover their own solutions. For example; the simple act of hand washing is something you and I take for granted. However, in Soweto, some consider it a nuisance compared to all of the other responsibilities they have, ie: making money or going to school. It is simply something that is not talked about. However, in time the people of Soweto began taking notice. They saw the chains that link the pathway of germs from their dirty hands to their mouths. They saw the chains that give flies the opportunity to spread disease from open latrines. So they gathered together in teams, performed skits, shared ideas and came together to tackle their communities’ problems. They discussed issues such as open defecation vs. building a properly maintained latrine. They shared the importance of hand washing and filtering their water. They discovered that in order to break the chains that they would have to put to use what they have learned!

After the 3-day training was completed, community members gave testimonies of how their family’s lives would never be the same! One said, “I know how to safely store my family’s drinking water so my children will no longer have Typhoid!” They are hopeful for a better tomorrow because they are breaking the chains! But in order for the work to go forward, we need a continued effort for follow up training and discipleship. Not only are the people of Soweto becoming healthier they are also open to receive God’s promises. Each of them has a dream and each of them has a hope. With your help, we will continue to break the chains of sickness and disease, ultimately giving hope and saving the lives of Soweto!


Soweto 03 

i GIVE H2OPE – Monthly Budget for Current Programs – Soweto – Jinja, Uganda

In order for the work to continue, we need an increase in the number of our Sponsorships. We need a pledge of $35/month from 40 donors, which is a total financial goal of $16,000 for the year. Not only will this pledged amount help the people of Soweto, it will also help neighboring towns and communities. With your support we will continue to educate the people of Soweto about sanitation and hygiene and also begin a discipleship program. These pledges will help support those in the field with transportation, WaSH handbooks, and discipleship materials. It’s vital that we keep these resources available to the community leaders so that they are engaged as advocates for i GIVE H2OPE.


A quick look…

For Soweto:
$430/month – To Hire 1 Full-Time Staff to facilitate WaSH and Discipleship Programs

$110/monthWaSH Program expenses

$25/month – Discipleship Program expenses

$15/month – Follow Up WaSH trainings (Certifying clean homes)

$120/month – Water Bill for Soweto (To be fazed out as community becomes sustainable)

$700/month TOTAL

$300/year – Website

$7,300/year – for 2 Mission Trips – Transportation/Flights/Staff – Part Time Support

$16,000/year GRAND TOTAL


Are you 1 of the 40 partners willing to sacrifice 1 night out for dinner or 5 Starbucks drinks a month?

$35 isn’t much, but for a community in Uganda, it can do so much!


Be the ONE to give hope to Soweto!
Become a sponsor today! At:

OR MAKE A MONTHLY CHECK PAYABLE TO: i GIVE H2OPE and send to our address:
8150 Runaway Bay Dr. Unit L Charlotte, NC 28212




i GIVE H2OPE – What Can You Do? – Soweto – Jinja, Uganda

How can you help? That is a great question! The great part about i GIVE H2OPE is that it always starts with “i.” You can always be a part of the vision wherever you are. Maybe you can organize your very own Water Walk! We can help you with that! Maybe you know some mothers who are really good bakers and you could organize your own bake sale. Or maybe you are a Pastor of a church and could get your congregation involved by partnering with our team and organizing a mission trip. BIG or small, you can always be a part of i GIVE H2OPE. To get involved or for more ideas send us a message at:


  • Organize a Bake Sale ($100-$200 Goal)
    Collect all kinds of baked goodies from your friends and come together to do a bake sale at your neighborhood market.
  • Organize Your Own Water Walk ($1,500-$3,000 Goal)
    Make it fun, make it challenging, and make it unique. Inspire others to give hope to Soweto!
  • Partner with us & organize a Mission Trip through your church  ($2,000 – $2,500/person)
    Have a heart to serve those in Soweto? Come ready to stretch yourself and use your talents for God’s kingdom. In whichever way, come expecting to grow!

Thank you!
In serving Him,





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