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Soweto Children

Uganda, Africa

Our Vision



In 2005, i GIVE H2OPE founder Johnny May had a vision; a vision that through the simple gift of clean water, lives could be changed! He saw fathers who work hard to provide for their families and mothers who love and take care of their children. He saw kids who had a chance to go to school to pursue their dreams. But there was one problem, they were sick! Sick from drinking dirty water.

Through the gift of clean water lives can be saved! Just think of all the things you use water for everyday and then imagine a child who has no clean water. Water is the foundation of our lives and without it the downward spiral of poverty continues.

We are a generation of individuals inspired to give what we have so that others can have that same ability. With the gift of clean water, a new hope can be revealed!

Emma with the Children of Soweto


Since 2011 we have supported organizations like Seeds of Hope International Partnerships (SHIP) in Zambia, Africa to help provide over 250 people with the gift of clean water. Our heart is to create strategic partnerships with organizations like SHIP who are passionately motivated to create change in their communities. We not only desire to give clean water but also a real plan for sustainability and development. For example, the water filters that we donate to SHIP are made by local Zambians, creating jobs. And in order for a family to receive a filter, they must first attend a training class to learn about basic sanitation and hygiene giving them the knowledge to keep a safe and healthy home. This is just the beginning of putting an end to the World Water Crisis! We are believing for countless testimonies to come from all around the world! We are praying for fathers to be inspired by God to break away from their addictions and for mothers to rise up from the trials that once had them bound. We also pray for children to regain their futures, to remember their dreams, and to have hope once again! We are more than a charity. We are group of individuals passionate about sharing God’s love and hope. We will GO to areas all across the earth to share this amazing news and see lives changed forever!


How We Do It

1. Creating a Sustainable Water Project.

This can be done in many ways depending on resources and the availability of clean water. In some areas of the world you may have to drill several thousand meters to obtain clean water while in other scenarios the solution may be resolved by simply constructing water purification systems.

2. Education and Sustainability

By far, this is the most overlooked part of the process. The most important part of any plan is the ability to teach and reproduce the work being done. Our goal is to inspire individuals to be leaders in their community and take ownership of our projects. Yes, we rely on our donors to implement our projects but we also rely heavily on those whom we are reaching to take it to the next step.

3. Reaching Families and Sharing Hope

The last step in our VISION is to inspire families with the word of God. We believe that Jesus is the perfecter and author of our faith. Our greatest desire of our heart is for God’s Word and His Love to motivate people to go out and touch others with the same love that captured our hearts and forever changed our lives. In being light and salt to those who don’t know Christ, we can impact communities all around the world.


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the mission of i GIVE H2OPE is…


  • to discover the next generation of world changers, passionate about helping end the world water crisis.


  • to inspire and develop them as the leaders of tomorrow.


  • and to deploy them all around the world bringing hope to countless lives through the gift of clean water.


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