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More than anything people depend on in the developing world are each other.  We believe in sewing into the lives of those who are doing great work. There are so many stories of people who are now healthy again because of the gift of clean water! Mothers and Fathers are able to go back to work and children are once again back in school. Lives are continually being restored.  Families are becoming  a greater blessing to their communities; pouring out hope everywhere they go!

It is with your gifts that we are able to continue this work around our world.

Zambian Girl

i GIVE H2OPE – Monthly Budget for Current Programs – Soweto – Jinja, Uganda

In order for the work to continue, we need an increase in the number of our Sponsorships. We need a pledge of $35/month from 40 donors, which is a total financial goal of $16,000 for the year. Not only will this pledged amount help the people of Soweto, it will also help neighboring towns and communities. With your support we will continue to educate the people of Soweto about sanitation and hygiene and also begin a discipleship program. These pledges will help support those in the field with transportation, WaSH handbooks, and discipleship materials. It’s vital that we keep these resources available to the community leaders so that they are engaged as advocates for i GIVE H2OPE.


A quick look…

For Soweto:
$430/month – To Hire 1 Full-Time Staff to facilitate WaSH and Discipleship Programs

$110/monthWaSH Program expenses

$25/month – Discipleship Program expenses

$15/month – Follow Up WaSH trainings (Certifying clean homes)

$120/month – Water Bill for Soweto (To be fazed out as community becomes sustainable)

$700/month TOTAL

$300/year – Website

$7,300/year – for 2 Mission Trips – Transportation/Flights/Staff – Part Time Support

$16,000/year GRAND TOTAL


Are you 1 of the 40 partners willing to sacrifice 1 night out for dinner or 5 Starbucks drinks a month?

$35 isn’t much, but for a community in Uganda, it can do so much!


Be the ONE to give hope to Soweto!

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