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Here are my friends Pastor Safari and Mary. They not only believe that “Water is Life!” but they are actually saving lives!

Pastor Safari spends most of his days repairing wells and installing water filters in his community. And not only that, he also spends time devoting himself to his church, sharing the powerful word of God.

Mary spends her time each day working with other women in her community building water filters by hand. Her knowledge and skills are empowering people everywhere as she teaches them how clean water can save lives.

These are just two of the countless individuals working in Zambia who are bringing about change in their communities. Our gifts will not only impact these people in Zambia but the work they accomplish will help spread a message of hope out far and wide. We desire to DO more and to REACH more! And standing united, we can change our world!

Become a sponsor today so that this message can be spread and for clean water to change lives everywhere!




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